Hutch, small buffet and corner cabinet

These items make a dining room set.  The hutch, corner cupboard and small buffet are all made of red oak with black walnut inlays and accents.

Cribbage board

Cribbage board of maple with rosewood inlays, and side bands of black walnut. The holes are 1/4' and board is 29" long and 1" thick. The pegs are turned on a lath and are made of purple heart, African Black wood and Padouk.  the box with sliding lid is to store pegs and a deck of cards.

Five board stool

Five board stool of red oak with black walnut inlays. Stool is 10" x15" x 9" high

Bird table

Bird table of cherry with legs of yellow birch and eyes of Amarillo and rosewood.

Black Cherry Chess Table

Black cherry chess table 24" x 18" x 31" tall. Checkers are cherry and curley maple, with letters and numbers in standard format and white square in lower right corner.  Drawer has stainless steel pull. Skirt boards are mortised into the tapered legs.

Book Case

Bookcase of red oak, with inlays of black walnut.  It is 34"wide, 78" tall and 10 1/2" deep. Shelves are adjustable.

Deacon's Bench

This is the deacons bench I made for Debbie this winter.
The bench is in two parts. It is of red oak with drawer fronts of black walnut. Note the through mortice and tennon joints wedged with black walnut. Very strong. Drawers are made with hand cut dovetails. The hardware is solid brass reproductions of antique pulls and coat hooks. 

File Box

File box for business cards. Box is of cherry with hand cut dovetails. The top is of maple with Indian rosewood handle attached with wedged dowels. Partitions are removable.    Jan 2013

Computer Desk

Computer desk of birch plywood and solid birch. Stained walnut. Lockable pedestal for tower and pull out keyboard tray.  Dec 2012

White Ash End Table

This white ash end table has a turned pedestal and top. 
The legs and supports are mortised into the pedestal. Very sturdy. 

Red Oak Stool with Cast Iron Tractor Seat

This stool is made of red oak to support an antique cast iron tractor seat. The stool is adjustable for height. A linkage that is connected to the foot rest allows the foot rest to remain at the same distance from the seat when the seat is raised. 

Red Oak Table

Dining table of red oak. This table has some stain to darken the red. My preference is to use natural finish only. The legs are removable to facilitate moving. 

Rocking Toys

Rocking plane and rocking moose. Each of white ash. The plane wings are mortised into the 3"x4" body. The moose is assembled with glue and screws that are hidden with plugs of ash.

Driftwood Tables

These end tables are of driftwood. The top one has a table surface of Eastern Red Cedar. The bottom table has legs and rungs of turned maple.

Red Oak Coffee Table & Side Table

Coffee table of red oak. Skirt boards mortised into legs.  Dec 2012

End table to match coffee table. Dec 2012

Cherry Coffee Table

Coffee table of cherry. Frame is mortised into tapered legs. 
The drawers pull through from either side. 
The wood has heartwood and sapwood (dark and light). 

Red Oak Chess Table

This chess table is made of red oak, with inlayed checks of black cherry and white birch and are 2.25" square. The table is 30" x 40" and is 31"high. Legs are 3" at the top tapering to 1.25 inches, and are removable for easy transportation. There is a drawer on each side, on the right hand side of each player. The checkers are not veneer, but are the full thickness of the table. They are given extra support from below by strips of hardwood, 
laminated and screwed to the table top. 

Yellow Birch Trunk

This trunk of yellow birch is for storage of firewood. It is on heavy industrial casters hidden below the skirt board. It can be wheeled out into the garage for refilling. It is fitted with reproductions of antique cast iron handles of the type used on carpenters tool boxes.

Black Cherry Treasure Chest

This is a treasure chest of black cherry. It is assembled using hand cut dovetail joints. The bottom is a panel of maple that is locked into grooves when the sides are assembled. There is a sliding tray at the top for small treasures.  

Cherry Chess Board

This end table is of cherry with a chess board built in with pieces of cherry heartwood and sapwood. No veneer is used. The checks are the same thickness as the rest of the top, and given extra support from below with hardwood glued and scewed to the underside of the top. Kids can stand on it with no danger of the top breaking. Frame is mortise and tennoned into tapered legs.